You Are Your Profile Picture

This week, ALA Alum led by the class of 2011, carried out the first ever #ALAThrowbacks. Essentially, it was a social media movement that revealed exposed past statuses and photos. You know those embarrassing photos you take when you are like 12, the selfies with apples in your mouth, the Charlie’s Angels pose with your best friends, the awkward color combination you have on while listening to music. Those are the pictures that were dug up.

It was funny.

It was funny because obviously, we have all grown up from the person we were when those pictures were taken. However, for me, it was a fun throwback kind of thing. It was a picture that helped me learn more about my peers and alum from ALA. It was some sort of a bonding process because I would join forces commenting on a bad picture with someone I don’t know but I have heard about. It was fun because this past week, I went to bed laughing before the internet was cut off at 12am. It was fun.

However, “trust ALA students to make a ‘cause’ out of ‘nothing’” someone commented when I Am Not My Profile Picture was created. This photo movement on Facebook aims to “Free people of their insecurities around body image and how they are perceived. [They are] a supporting community of individuals who promote self-love.”

In order to take part of this challenge, you change your Facebook profile picture to your embarrassing photo with the blindfold (found below) then caption your photo with a little description with why you are not your profile picture. This description involves what the person has become since the photo was taken.


I disagree though. You are your profile picture at any point in time. You are the child with “bad” eating habits who allowed someone to take a picture of them as you put it on Facebook then. You are the boy who once relied on sickness to lose weight then. You are your past. You have grown up from it and kudos to you. Don’t deny your previous profile pictures because you were that person once upon a time. Even if you look “ratchet” with horrible photo editing skills.  It is allowed.

“Oh yes, the past can hurt. But you can either run from it, or learn from it.”

You are your profile picture.

3 thoughts on “You Are Your Profile Picture

    • Yes, but that fragment at the end of the day is still you. This isn’t a philosophical thing. Your face is on that profile picture you chose to put up. Whether the picture is bad or good. Okay but it is you in that picture. You have just grown into something different.

  1. Exactly why you are not your profile picture..because you..the whole idea of “you” can never be determined from one picture. That’s why I believe the movement exists as it does…one image should not determine my essence even though it shows an attribute. Before I was able to understand how much more I was, I had to realize that I was not the whole picture. For me to build positivity, I have to fully break down negativity. And that’s the approach that the movement takes. #iammuchmorethanmyprofilepicture and #iamnotmyprofilepciture are two approaches to a simialr result..just that deconstructing the idea that a picture makes or breaks me gives me the freewill to reflect deeply about others things i’ve used to define my self in the past. Good” pictures or “bad” pictures are still pictures which show a still representation of an environment I am in or an activity I am participating in but you should not assume you can tell who i am from that one picture. I believe that is stereotyping in its own way. So, #iamnotmyprofilepicture…the girl who took that picture makes a part of who I am but my ideas and values change with every new conversation. so, a still representation can only be a part of my past/present but never “me”…the real intense question is can “me” ever be defined as a whole understandable thing at any moment?

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